Lukewarm on All Fall Down

Jennifer Weiner’s newest is a mixed bag. There are, as always with her, lots of funny and real-feeling moments, but I had a lot of issues with the ending. (SPOILERS AHEAD.)

Although I get that during the rehab stay the heroine was required to focus on what SHE did wrong and not on blaming other people, I was baffled that by the end of the book she seemed to be heading for a reconciliation with her husband without EVER discussing the myriad ways he had messed up, some of them pretty severe. He moved them out to suburbia without ever asking her if that’s what she wanted; he kept signing up to train for marathons without ever saying, hey, does me being gone for huge stretches of time work for you? He seemed to resent her work success instead of being happy that she stepped up to the plate when his career stopped paying well, and he refused to go to couples counseling when she tried to  talk him into it.  So, yeah, I was not buying the whole REUNITED (MAYBE) AND IT FEELS SO GOOD vibe.


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