Life update!

I live!

Things that are happening lately:

Pete just played Old Montague in a production of Romeo and Juliet at the school where he teaches.  Went  well & he got to swordfight. A bit further back, his second book came out and got a stellar Slate review. I am most proud of him.

Ian decided against law school at Rutgers, partly because financial aid was taking a while to get sorted. He might apply to another round of schools this year; meanwhile he’s applying for better jobs while supporting himself working at Chili’s. He and Awesome Girlfriend have been together for a year–they went to Bonnaroo together and went camping together last week, so their relationship has survived more than one tent; pretty promising, hah.

Dixon is kicking ass in the college theater department as well as the local pro theater scene. Just saw him in a Bootleg Shakespeare production in which he was a bitter, bitter little eunuch. Heeeeeee.  He is still with HIS Awesome Girlfriend. Both boys and both GFs will be with us for Thanksgiving, YAY.

And me? I started working at a second public library in May, doing cataloging and also interlibrary loan. (At my other job we’re still doing paper requests for ILL–at the new place I’ve trained on WorldShare & I looooove it.) This puts me up to about 38 hours a week. No benefits though. And, y’know, straightup fulltime would pay a lot better…

I’ve also been writing some poetry (and submitting it, after not doing that for ages.) And getting back into weightlifting. And knitting a lot. I actually got my first knitting commission!  (Four pairs of fingerless gloves, Maine Morning Mitts pattern.)

And yes, I voted. 🙂


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