Library Yays!

Things of awesomeness: at Job 2 we finally moved into the renovated space, which means I have a real chair instead of being perched on what was basically a barstool with a back. This feels MUCH better. Also it’s a lot quieter in the new space. (For the MOST part. We share a wall with the meeting room, and Wednesday the Seniors group was having their monthly meetup, and I tell you what, those seniors were PARTYING. There were raucous piano renditions of “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree with Anyone Else But Me” and “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and “Babyface.” I kept hoping for “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition,” but no dice. Anyway, as background noise goes, that was pretty FUN.)

And at Job 1, I am going to get to co-weed the Juvenile Reference section with the Children’s Librarian. I’ve weeded the paperbacks and the knitting section, but this is my first crack at reference and I’m looking forward to it–we’re cleared to cut the collection approximately in half, so it should be INVIGORATING. New shelf space for books that actually get used!

Also at Job 1, I asked the director if I could put together an LGBTQ read-alike brochure for the young adult section and got a yes! I was not entirely sure that was going to fly in our tiny town, so I was pleased. I made a list a while back for a local high school teacher to share with the school’s Straight-Gay Alliance, so I’ve been going through that list to make sure we still have the titles. (They tend to get disproportionately stolen–parents  have access to the records of their underage kids in our system, and probably a lot of the kids who are questioning their sexuality don’t want their parents to know. Poor kids.)

So, interesting projects and less painful seating, a good week all around in the work world. 🙂


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