Marching Song

I am apparently unable to resist a ridiculous poetry challenge, and the Merriam-Webster twitter feed provided a list of words that rhyme with glockenspiel and asked for poetry. So…villanelle. (Not strict in the refrains.)

A bell lyre is a form of glockenspiel

That’s used in marching bands, led by

A hollow mannequin of orange peel.

Scrambling to acquiesce, to cut a deal,

The yes-men march with one hand to the sky,

Lockstepping to a clang of glockenspiel.

Their worship is of all things mercantile.

Their heartbeats sing out buy and sell and buy

Their standard is not gold, but orange peel.

The papers call them dapper. Sex appeal

Apparently excuses…anything, so why

Not dance to their triumphant glockenspiel?

Their logo is a face ground under heel

Forever. Their slogan’s just, “How high?”

They’re jumping for their lord of orange peel.

We others watch the ranks goosestepping by.

We watch our shrinking rights. Our warming sky.

And hear a war song played on glockenspiel

By an empty, grinning man of orange peel.


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